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TESOL Speaker Series

Thursday, August 27, 20200 | 4:00p – 5:00p  – Online: Free Webinar

Restorative Practices for English Learners At-risk in the Time of COVID-19

Madelaine Pella Schwartz

In the time of a historic pandemic, ESOL educators across the globe have had to engage with new online learning platforms. Many have been forced to quickly learn and adapt to tools that they have rarely used, immersing themselves in the unique world of distance learning. Do we know if our ESOL students are fully ready and able to meet us there? This webinar will focus on five tools for keeping online teaching simple, meaningful, and engaging during the time of a crisis.

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Ms. Schwartz is originally from Lima, Peru. She has taught EFL for 25 years and has accumulated 10 more years of international/local experience in every educational setting from K-12 to the graduate level here in the US. Ms. Schwartz is a practitioner that has led numerous educational partnerships, including the UMBC-UDEP educational partnership, and has advocated for many populations at-risk locally and internationally. She has presented on topics such as Academic Writing for Language Learners At-risk for the Fulbright Commission in Lima, Peru; served as a translator/copy editor for the Communications Officer (Peru and UNDP) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) international taskforce team during the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” efforts in Lima, Peru during the time of post-terrorism (Sendero Luminoso); presented for CAL on the topic of “Teaching Voices” during Coronavirus in March; and led and launched initiatives on presentations on “Restorative Practices for English Learners At-risk” with a team of educators for MDTESOL as one of the chairs of the steering committee. She holds advanced certificates in Human Counseling and is currently enrolled at Harvard University completing her certificate in Educational Administration and Supervision in order to aspire to become a Principal. Ms. Schwartz is currently teaching ESOL for the Baltimore City Public School System in a low-income section of Baltimore city. Ms. Schwartz is a proud UMBC M.A. TESOL ’10 alumna.

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