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Internships in EDUC?

Education Department Internships consist of a minimum of 100 days over two consecutive semesters in a Professional Development School (PDS). The internship is the final part of the teacher preparation program and occurs in a PDS. The PDS is a collaboratively planned and implemented partnership for the academic and clinical preparation of interns and the continuous professional development of both school system and university faculty. The focus of the PDS partnership is improved student performance through research-based teaching and learning. Interns must have completed all prerequisites for admission to the internship.


The Induction Model: Consists of Phase I and Phase II
During Phase I of the internship, a teacher candidate is in a school the equivalent of one day each week during the semester prior to his/her “full-time” internship. The interns’ participatory activities are closely linked to the appropriate methods courses in their areas of certification.
In Phase II of the Internship, a teacher candidate is in a school all day, every day for the semester. He or she will also attend the Internship Seminar typically held in the evenings. (Exception: Early childhood teacher candidates return to campus on Thursday afternoons.)

Program Phase I Phase II
ECE Spring Fall
ELEM either semester either semester
ESOL either semester either semester
SEC Fall Spring
  • Fall semester interns begin their experience when schools open for teachers in the district where they are placed.
  • Spring semester interns begin their internship experience in early January, before the start of UMBC’s spring semester.
  • ESOL interns are required to spend half of this internship experience in an elementary school setting and half in a secondary school setting.


All interns, including provisional teachers, MUST attend orientation and evaluation sessions. Interns will receive expectations and guidelines for the internship and a packet of important information to be given to the mentor teacher.

* For further information, please see the Internship Handbook. You may also contact your advisor or contact Dr. Pamela Morgan at 410-455-1218.