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Education Department Scholarships

The UMBC Education Department provides scholarships to students enrolled in the secondary, elementary, early childhood, and ESOL undergraduate and MAT teacher preparation programs and the ESOL MA program. Scholarships are based on financial need, academic excellence, and demonstrated respect for the diverse population of our local Maryland schools and communities.

Most scholarships are selected once each year by the department’s scholarship committee, which is made up of faculty representatives from the four programs. Applications are posted on the Education Department website in March and due back to the scholarship committee in April. Decisions for awards are made by the committee in May and are then sent to the Financial Aid Office for approval. Students are notified by the Financial Aid Office of the awards in May or June.

Current Education Department scholarships offered once each year include the following

  • Bank of America Scholarship for teacher candidates willing to work in high-needs schools
  • Maggie Geeter Hrabowski Scholarship for teacher candidates demonstrating academic excellence
  • The Homer and Martha Gudelsky Family Foundation Scholarship for Education Department students demonstrating commitment to the department’s mission

The Strong Scholars Program funded by the Hattie M. Strong Foundation provides two $5,000 scholarships each year to outstanding undergraduate or MAT students entering Phase II of their internships (

Two (2) $5,000.00 Strong Scholars Program scholarships will be awarded to UMBC teacher candidates entering Phase II in Fall 2016.

Strong Scholars are teacher candidates who have exhibited outstanding successes and enthusiasm in their classes and field experiences prior to the final semester of their program. UMBC Strong Scholars demonstrate our department mission through academic achievement, a commitment to serving diverse populations, and a vision for their future teaching career.

Qualified students are

  • undergraduate students who have exhibited outstanding success and enthusiasm in field experience prior to the final year of the program or graduate students whose life experiences prior to enrollment reveal the same traits
  • students with demonstrated financial need
  • students who have achieved a minimum 3.0 GPA in the two semesters prior to their final year
  • students entering Phase II

Applications for the Strong Scholars program will be posted on the Education Department website in March and September. All Phase I students will be notified through their program director.

Emergency Funding.

We value the time and commitment that education students devote to their teacher preparation and recognize that at times this requires a sacrifice of time and finances beyond a student’s means.

In order to support promising teacher candidates who are facing unexpected and extreme financial need, the Education Department has set aside funds to cover some portion of that student’s tuition, fees, and/or books.

Qualified students should demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions reflective of UMBC’s commitment to academic excellence, professional growth, and respect for the diverse population of local schools and communities. To this end, students must present a personal, professional, and academic record of the highest quality and provide evidence of their commitment to UMBC’s goals and mission.

For further information on any scholarship, contact your program director.