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Advising Contact

Academic Advising

All students seeking teacher certification will have an education adviser along with their major adviser. Completing the teacher education certification sequence of courses requires a thoughtful sequencing of the student’s coursework and other academic requirements; therefore, early and continuing advising is necessary. Prospective undergraduate teacher candidates should seek advisement early in the freshman year so that they can begin taking courses that meet both general education requirements and requirements of teacher certification. For students who decide to teach in the sophomore or junior year, a program can be developed to meet their circumstances. Transfer students should arrange for advising immediately at the time of transfer by contacting an adviser in the Department of Education. They also should arrange for advisement in their major program. All teacher candidates meet with an adviser each semester to review their progress and to receive permission to take subsequent courses. Advisers are always available for additional guidance when teacher candidates have questions or concerns. Graduate students should also meet with their advisors to plan for their coursework and internship experiences.

General Academic Advising        
Undergraduate Teacher Certification Program
Dr. Vickie Williams
Graduate Teacher Certification Program
Dr. Vickie Williams
Program Coordinator & Contact        
Early Childhood Education     Elementary Education
Dr. Pat Scully Ms. Barbara Bourne
410-455-2307 410-455-2308
ESOL / Bilingual     Seconary Education
Doaa Rashed Dr. Cheryl North
410-455-2379 410-455-6522 or
STEM (Science, Technology, 
Engineering and Mathmatics)
    MAE (Master of Arts in Education)
Ms. Jerri Frick Ms. Jerri Frick
410-455-1356 410-455-1356

Admission Requirements
Admission to the Department of Education programs for P-12 certification requires teacher candidates to pass the Praxis I exam (composite score of 527) and have at least a 2.75 GPA for undergraduates and 3.0 GPA for graduates.

ESOL/Bilingual students seeking P-12 certification must pass the Praxis I prior to enrolling in the Phase I of the internship. ESOL/Bilingual students who do not wish to be certified for P-12 classrooms are not required to take the Praxis I.

Retention Requirements
To remain in any undergraduate or graduate program, students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA. A GPA of 3.0 is also required for clinical practice (internship).

Teacher Certificate
The Maryland State Department of Education is responsible for the licensing of teachers. In order to be recommended for licensure by the Department of Education, teacher candidates must successfully complete all requirements of certification including the Praxis II tests. Upon the recommendation of the Department of Education, the Maryland State Department of Education will then issue a standard professional certificate.