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Scholarship & Grant Opportunities

Department Scholarship Opportunities for Students Enrolled in Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary and TESOL Program(s)

Due to COVID-19 the physical office is closed and employees are working remotely. Please DO NOT MAIL in department of education scholarship applications, please email applications to the provided address. 

Spring 2021 applications will be open in Fall 2020.  Please stay posted for announcements.

Teacher Education Scholarship Program

The UMBC Education Department offers scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, and TESOL programs. All students currently enrolled are eligible to apply.

Click here to view  and download PDF version of the Teacher Education application

Click here to download the word version of the Teacher Education application


Strong Scholars Program Phase II Interns

The Hattie M. Strong Foundation offers scholarships to undergraduate students who have exhibited outstanding successes and enthusiasm in field experiences prior to the final year of their program or to graduate students whose life experiences prior to enrollment reveal the same strengths. One $5,000.00 scholarships will be awarded to UMBC teacher candidates entering PHASE II of internship. Qualifying applicants must have a FAFSA on file, demonstrate financial need, and have GPAs above 3.0.

Click here to view and download PDF version of the Strong Scholars application 

Click here to download the word version of the Strong Scholars application


Additional Scholarship/ Grant Opportunities

Federal Teacher Education Assistance for College & Higher Education (TEACH) Grant

For more information please visit UMBC Financial Aid and Scholarships page.  If you have a request specifically about UMBC’s Federal TEACH Grant program, you can contact the current TEACH Grant Coordinator Erica Ibarguen.   Financial Aid Counselor, to setup an appointment.

The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant is a Federal program, which provides assistance to students pursuing careers in primary and secondary education. TEACH differs from other grant programs because receiving the TEACH Grant means committing to a four year service obligation. Failing to complete the TEACH Grant service obligation can result in the TEACH Grant converting to a Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan. Eligible students are also required to complete annual counseling and sign an Agreement to Serve, which outline conditions of the TEACH Grant.



UMBC Alumni Scholarship

Open to all UMBC Alumni

Thank You, #RetrieverNation. You’ve made us proud and now UMBC wants to celebrate its alumni with a $1,000 scholarship toward first semester graduate studies. In addition, application fees are now waived for UMBC alumni for applications to The Graduate School. Claim your future and apply to graduate school now!

You can qualify if:

  • You are a new graduate student admitted for the first time to an upcoming semester
  • You have received a degree from UMBC or will have received a degree from UMBC before you begin
  • You enroll in a degree seeking master’s or certificate program

To initiate the application fee waiver enter RetrieverNation into the special population code on page one of our online application.

No additional scholarship application is required. If you do qualify, the award will be posted to your account under anticipated aid.

If you have any questions about this tuition scholarship or further details about requirements, please contact Mike Suica at

Regular admission requirements and deadlines still apply. If the deadline for your program of choice has passed, contact the program coordinator to see if you can still apply.

Those receiving tuition remission through the University System of Maryland as an employee or spouse/dependent of an employee of a University System of Maryland school (including UMBC) do not qualify for this scholarship.



Emergency Funding

We value the time and commitment that education students devote to their teacher preparation and recognize that at times this requires a sacrifice of time and finances beyond a student’s means.

In order to support promising teacher candidates who are facing unexpected and extreme financial need, the Education Department has set aside funds to cover some portion of that student’s tuition, fees, and/or books.

Qualified students should demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions reflective of UMBC’s commitment to academic excellence, professional growth, and respect for the diverse population of local schools and communities. To this end, students must present a personal, professional, and academic record of the highest quality and provide evidence of their commitment to UMBC’s goals and mission.

For further information on any scholarship, contact your program director.


UMBC Department of Education Emergency Scholarship

Please note this scholarship is intended for those enrolled in a Department of Education Program (including MAE)

Click here to view  and download PDF version of the Emergency Scholarship Application

Click here to download the word version of the Emergency Scholarship Application


UMBC Stay Black and Gold Emergency Fund

Click here for more information, please scroll to bottom of page to apply

This is open to all UMBC Undergrad & Graduate students. Please note you can only receive Black and Gold Emergency Fund only once.


Scholarships To Watch

Please note that below scholarship deadlines have passed, however, they may reopen a new application cycle.  

Teaching Fellows for Maryland Scholarship Program application

The Maryland Higher Education Commission is pleased to announce that the 2020-2021 Teaching Fellows for Maryland Scholarship Program application is now available!

The Teaching Fellows for Maryland Scholarship is designed for students who pledge to work as public school or public prekindergarten teachers in the State upon completion of their studies at schools that have at least 50% of the students in the school eligible for free or reduced price meals (FRPM).­

For more information please visit Maryland Higher Education Commission


MHEC Announce Full Tuition Scholarship for  Teaching Students

Teaching Fellows for Maryland scholarships are awarded to students who pledge to work as public prekindergarten or public school teachers in the State upon completion of their studies at schools that have at least 50% of the students in the school eligible for free or reduced price meals (FRPM). Individuals interested in pursuing UMD’s undergraduate professional teacher preparation programs or one-year master’s certification (MCERT) program are strongly encouraged to apply for these funds. This award is a great way to fund your undergraduate or graduate education.

For more information please visit Maryland Higher Education Commission.

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc.- Gamma Chapter

The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. is a professional organization of educators dedicated to the task of training youth of American to cope satisfactorily and effectively with today’s problems, firmly believing that education to be a potent factor in maintaining and perpetuating democracy as the most ideal form of life.

The national scholarship awards one student that is enrolled in a teacher education and in their Junior or Senior year with a $1,000 award. The recipient must have at least a 2.7 GPA.

A scholarship is awarded to one Kappa Omicron Tau (KOT), or student teacher in each region
‚ Must be enrolled in a teacher education program in their Junior or Senior year.
‚ Must show evidence of need by declaring family size and family income.
‚ Proof of income must be submitted, i.e. W-2, last year’s income from appropriate government agency.
‚ Must submit an official transcript with a minimum GPA of 2.7 or higher.
‚ Attach a photograph (headshot) to the application.
‚ Apply through a Local Chapter Scholarship Chairperson.
‚ Must write an essay with a minimum of 300 words answering the following questions:
1. What are your career goals in the field of education?
2. How will your degree benefit the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., or fulfill the Sorority’s goals?

Click here for full the full application. 


The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship seeks to attract talented, committed individuals with backgrounds in the STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—into teaching in high-need secondary schools in Pennsylvania. The Fellowship has also prepared over a thousand teachers in Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, and Ohio. Eligible applicants include current undergraduates, recent college graduates, midcareer professionals, and retirees who have majored in, or have extensively studied, one or more of the STEM fields.

The Fellowship also works to change the way top teachers are prepared, partnering with colleges and universities that have agreed to provide Fellows with innovative, year-long classroom experiences, rigorous academic work, and ongoing mentoring.

For more information click here 

MAEA (Maryland Art Education Association) Scholarship


Art Education is a vital component of every learner’s core education.  MAEA’s mission is to advocate for and advance art education in Maryland.   Visual arts experiences cultivate creative expression, innovative thinking, problem solving, and personal development.  MAEA is committed to helping students who are interested in teaching visual arts to obtain a higher education degree.  High school seniors who are students in an MAEA member’s class during the current school year or current college students majoring in art education may be awarded up to $500 to be used toward college expenses

For more information please visit:

Mildred Murray Memorial Recruitment Grant  | Recruitment Grants for Women Educators

Xi Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society lnternational, an honorary society for women educators, is offering two recruitment grants this year to women who are studying to become teachers. The grant will be awarded in the amount of $2,500.


Laura Bassi Scholarship

The Laura Bassi Scholarship was established by Editing Press in 2018 with the aim of providing editorial assistance to postgraduates and junior academics whose research focuses on neglected topics of study, broadly construed, within their disciplines. The scholarships are open to every discipline and are awarded three times per year: December, April, and August. The value of the scholarships are remitted through editorial assistance as follows:

Master’s candidates: $750
Doctoral candidates: $2,500
Junior academics: $500

These figures reflect the upper bracket of costs of editorial assistance for master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, and academic journal articles, respectively. All currently enrolled master’s and doctoral candidates are eligible to apply, as are academics in the first five years of their employment. There are no institutional, departmental, or national restrictions.


For more information please visit:

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