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Tk20 Resources

Student Tutorials
    Guide to EAS Registration 
    Guide to Completing an Assignment 
    Guide to Completing an Assignment and View Assessment Results 
    Guide to Finding Exam Questions  
    Guide to Recalling Assignment  
    Guide to Recalling Portfolio  
    Guide to Finding Rubric and Feedback 
    Guide to Completing Tasks for Teaching Experiences 
    Guide to Completing Portfolio 
    Guide to Sharing/Exporting Portfolio  
    Guide to Completing Internship Survey 
    Guide to Creating and Uploading a Compressed ZIP Folder in PC  
    Guide to Creating and Uploading a Compressed ZIP Folder in MAC  
    Guide to Completing Program Admissions Application  
    Guide to Completing Internship Application  
  Guide to Submitting Undergraduate Secondary Program Admission Application  
    Guide to Submitting Undergraduate Early Childhood or Elementary Program Admission Application  
Supervisor and Mentor Teacher Tutorials
    Guide to Completing Internship Survey 
    Guide to Completing Secondary Phase I to Phase II Transition Performance Assessment
    Faculty Guide to Reviewing Admissions Application
    Faculty Guide to Reviewing Internship Application
    Benchmark Assessments for Initial Licensure Programs 
    Faculty Quick Reference 
    Student Quick Reference 
    University Supervisor Quick Reference 
    Field Placement Quick Reference