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For Interns

The intern is expected be a significant member of the learning community, participating as a professional within the university, classroom, school, and community. The roles and responsibilities include:

• Attend all required meetings prior to, during, and following internship experience
• Maintain regular attendance during internship
• Demonstrate punctuality, dependability, and professional decorum
• Be prepared to assume assigned tasks as determined by the mentor
• Interact positively with students, mentor, University supervisor, parents, and professional staff
• Communicate with mentor and college/content supervisor on a regular basis to ensure the completion of all requirements within the internship experience
• Be willing to receive constructive criticism and engage in feedback discussions with the mentor and University supervisor
• Prepare and submit required Teaching Folio contents and assessment materials

Frequently Asked Questions (For Interns)

Is it alright for me to arrange my own placement?
No. The Office of Field Experiences and Clinical Practice (OFECP) placement coordinators arrange all placements. You may indicate your placement preferences on your internship application and expect that they will be honored, if possible.

I am a substitute teacher in a local school system. Can those experiences count as my internship placement?
No. The only exception is if you are a conditionally certified teacher.

I am a conditionally certified teacher. May my first year teaching experience count as my internship?
Yes. The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) placement guidelines permit OFECP to support you in earning education certification. The school administration must comply with certain stipulations: assigning a full-time mentor and assessor; permitting teacher candidate to complete all internship requirements, including attendance on campus classes and required meetings.

Why does it take so long to find out where my placement is?
Teachers have until July 15 to declare their intentions. (applicable to Fall-Spring rotation only) In addition, there are various reasons including staff reorganization, availability of teachers who want to serve as mentor teachers, and approval of school principals.

If I do more than 20 days in phase 1, may I count them toward my 80 days for phase 2?
No. Phase 2 does not start until you have been cleared to proceed.

May I stop going to my school once I get my 80 days?
No. The MSDE requirement is a minimum of 100 days; a minimum of 20 days during phase 1 and a minimum of 80 days in phase 2. The OFECP stipulates the end date for phase 2 in the Academic Year Calendar.

Don't we get two (2) personal leave days during phase 2?
No. Discuss expectations and protocols with your mentor teacher and university supervisor for notifying them and the school of unanticipated absences.

If I do not meet the minimum 80 days, how do I make up?
The Academic Year Calendar includes a make-up week that teacher candidates will continue going to their internship until the minimum 80 days have been met.

My mentor doesn't write detailed lesson plans, so why do I?
Your mentor teacher has a teaching position, but you are trying to secure one. Consider the internship a year-long interview.

Why must my mentor approve my lesson plans before I implement them?
Ultimately, the mentor teacher is responsible for what is taught in the classroom. Therefore, proposed lesson plans must be submitted to your mentor teacher at least two (2) school days in advance of implementation and at least one (1) school day in advance for your university supervisor—not the day before or day of the lesson.

Do we have to make up snow days during phase 2?
No. That is as long as MSDE does not require the local school system (LSS) to make up snow days or LSS obtain a waiver from making up days. You are not required to make up days during phase 2 when schools are officially closed, i.e., snow days or inclement weather closings, holidays, emergency closings, early dismissals. Such closings will not impact your ability to complete at least 20 days during phase 1.

I have to sit for Praxis, can that day count toward my 80 days?
No. This cannot be counted toward your 80 days.

Can I get my six weeks of full teaching done early so I can sit back and observe the rest of the semester while I finish course projects?
No. Our programs use the gradual induction approach to intern integration into the classroom.You will gradually take on more responsibility from the mentor teacher and gradually return it to the mentor teacher so that your involvement in and exit from the classroom is as seamless as possible.

The Andrews Model of Gradual Induction

 Bit Teaching: planning/teaching/assessing small group lessons

 Initial Teaching: planning/teaching/assessing at least one lesson for a large group

 Sustained Teaching: planning/teaching/assessing sequential lessons (at least 2 consecutive lessons or a half day of instruction during the course of the school day*)

 Full Teaching: assuming the entire classroom instructional schedule (at mentor teacher’s discretion in consultation with the university supervisor and the intern)

*Aspire to reach sustained teaching level by the end of phase 1

Am I responsible for documenting my attendance at my placement site?
Yes. Sign the attendance book at your school upon arrival to the building each day—usually in the main office or department office depending on the school policy. If you arrive late, be sure to sign the late book, if there is one. Also, maintain your Attendance Tracking form for each visit to your school during both phases of the internship. At the end of each phase of the internship, ask your mentor teacher to sign off on your attendance tracking form, upload your verified form to your Portfolio on Tk20, and submit a hard copy of the verified form to OFECP.

If I fall behind in my course assignments, is it okay for me not to report to my placement?
No. Your mentor teacher and your students are relying on you to report as negotiated.

Is there a protocol for voluntary withdrawal?
In the event that it becomes necessary to terminate your internship voluntarily, please do the following:

1. Access your Tk20 account and locate the internship withdrawal form
2. Complete and submit the form via Tk20 as soon as possible
3. As a backup, send an e-mail to OFECP in care of the Faculty Research Assistant with copies to the OFECP Director and the appropriate Program Director
4. Upon receipt of the completed withdrawal form and backup e-mail, you will receive an e-mail reply from OFECP acknowledging your decision and requesting an exit interview at your discretion

What is the pre-internship interview process?
The pre-internship interview is the final component of the internship application process. The overall purpose of this interview (approximately 15 minutes) is to determine a baseline level of the teacher candidate’s understandings, attitudes and dispositions as it relates to:

 Content Knowledge
 Pedagogical Knowledge
 Attention to Issues of Equity and Diversity
 Professionalism
 Communication

Coordination of pre-internship interview scheduling is done by OFECP. The pre-internship interview is held either in mid-April through May or mid-October through November. Based on the interview results, interns will be invited to a second interview with the Program Director and the Director of the Office of Field Experiences and Clinical Practice.