Internship Application

Before You Apply

The Teaching Internship Application is submitted through, your paid account on, Tk20 the semester before you are planning to do your teaching internship. Students applying for the internship must have completed all prerequisites and be on track for graduation to apply. Please contact your advisor in the Education Department for verification before applying (contact info listed below). Read over the Internship Overview and Application Instructions before filling out the application.


Application Deadline
  • Fall Internship–February 15
  • Spring Internship–November 1


Internship and Application Process Overview


Application Process

Step One: Applying

  1. Read Internship Overview and Application Instructions–when completing the online application you will be asked to read and agree to the policies in this document before submitting your application.
  2. Complete the Teaching Internship Application in your paid Tk20 Account.
    1. Tk20 Application Tutorial Video or Screenshot Instructions
    2. If you do not have a paid Tk20 account, follow the instructions here first.
    3. If you have an account, but do not know your username and/or password, contact
  3. If you are part of a cohort or are a part-time or full-time teacher wanting to use your position for your internship, please contact your program director for more information and next steps.


Step Two: Pre-Placement

  1. Complete the Criminal History Disclosure Form–this will be sent via UMBC email once your application is approved to move forward and is needed before placement can be made.
  2. Complete a Pre-internship Interview–expect an invitation to sign up for this by the end of April for Fall internships and end of November for Spring internships–also needed before placement can be made.


Step Three: Placement Approval and Notification

  1. Most Internship Placements will be made by mid-July for Fall internships and late December for Spring internships. Please follow instructions included in your notification email for District Background Check.
  2. Make plans to be available for Orientation a week or two before the semester begins. Exact date and details will be sent via email.
  3. Make sure you are available the week before school starts in your preferred districts so that you can attend EVERY day of teacher planning (unless the day conflicts with course schedule on campus). While phase 1 is 1-2 days a week, the expectation is that ALL Phase 1 and Phase 2 interns attend all day every day during the teacher planning week before school starts.


Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Education Department offers scholarships each semester and has information about other financial aid opportunities on our Scholarships and Grants webpage. Please check this page periodically for financial aid information and opportunities.


Contact Information

Office of Field Experience and Clinical Practice–handles placement process

Early Childhood Education

  • Dr. Michele Stites

Elementary Education

  • Dr. Patricia Young

TESOL Education

  • Dr. Francis Hult

Secondary Education

  • Science: Dr. Jonathan Singer
  • Math: Dr. Christopher Rakes
  • English, Theatre, Music, and Art: Dr. Cheryl North
  • Social Studies and Foreign Languages: Dr. Linda Oliva
  • Dance: Dr. Christopher Rakes


last updated 2021 September 23