Deborah K. Kariuki

MPS CyberSecurity, Ethical Hacker, MS CS, MEd, BS CS

Office: Sherman Hall A, Room 209C
Phone: (410) 455-1578


Research Interests

Computer Science Education, Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum, Professional Development in CS Education, Culturally Responsive Instructions in Computer Science, Instructional Technology


Deborah Kariuki is a former software engineer for 16 yrs who is currently a the Director and Clinical faculty at the University of Maryland Baltimore City (UMBC) of Computer Science Education. She is tasked with creating a masters of Computer Science Education program which is the only one of its kind in Maryland and one of a handful programs in the country. She is also currently a MIT- Inspire CS-AI Fellow , an ISACA SheLeadsTech Ambassadors, and a WiCyS- Women in CyberSecurity Mentor co-lead. Deborah is known and considers herself as a computer science evangelist. She has been awarded many awards as a software engineer and a computer science educator but the awards she values best are the NCWIT educator award and BlackcomputeHer Sistah award. This is because these awards reflect her passion for educating the next generation of computer scientists and especially girls in computing. Currently Deborah has embarked on Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence projects and how people learn. Her research is mainly in Culturally Responsive Instructions in Computer Science. Cyber Security for ALL and Computational Thinking cross curriculum. This past year Deborah was awarded $100,000 in Grants for computational Thinking projects for preservice teachers and their professors, and also by the Sherman Center for Early Learning.




Last updated 2021 November 16