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Patricia A. Young

Ph.D. University of California Berkeley
Associate Professor
Office:  Sherman Hall, A Wing, Room 429
Phone:  410-455-3902
Dr. Young is an Associate Professor of Literacy Education. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses for the elementary and secondary programs. Her literacy courses focus on theories and practices in the reading and writing development of children; these courses include: Processes and Acquisition of Reading and Materials for Teaching Reading. Dr. Young also teaches Education in Cultural Perspectives—a seminal course for pre-service teachers. Her newest course is Culture and the Design of Information & Communication Technologies; this course ties into her latest research on The Culture Based Model.Dr. Young developed the Culture Based Model as a framework that supports the building of culture-based information and communication technologies. This research is outlined in her book Instructional Design Frameworks & Intercultural Models (2009). Her current research involves mapping the model to a variety of interdisciplinary uses. Dr. Young’s research also examines the history of Instructional Design and Technologies made by and for African Americans and Race & Ethnicity in Urban Teacher Education. Dr. Young has published referred articles in journals such as: Artificial Intelligence and Society; British Journal of Educational Technology; Journal of Educational, Technology & Society; Journal of Language, Identity and Education; and Race, Ethnicity & Education.

In October 2009, Dr. Young received the Outstanding Journal Article Award from the Association of Educational Communications & Technology — Design & Development Division for her article: Integrating Culture in the Design of ICTs.

See her webpage for more information: