Patricia A. Young

Photo of Dr. Patricia Young

Ph.D. University of California Berkeley
Office:  Sherman Hall, A Wing, Room 429
Phone:  410-455-3902
Dr. Patricia A. Young is an educational technologist, professor and software developer. As an Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, her research examines culture as a design construct in the development of culture-based information and communication technologies. She also investigates the history of educational technologies designed by and for African Americans. Dr. Young developed the Culture Based Model as a novel framework for building culture-based information and communication technologies. This model is documented in several articles, and her 2009 book Instructional Design Frameworks & Intercultural Models (Information Science Reference). She is the first woman and African American to serve on the editorial board of the internationally ranked journal Educational Technology Research and Development. Dr. Young also built Proticy, an original learning analytics software that improves teaching and learning in higher education. She is currently at work on a new book focusing on human specialization.


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