Shannon Sauro

Ph.D. – University of Pennsylvania
Office: Sherman Hall A Wing, Room 409


Research Interests

Fanfiction and Fan Practices, Language Learning in the Digital Wilds, Task-Based Language Teaching, Telecollaboration/Virtual Exchange


Shannon Sauro , Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics (University of Pennsylvania), docent in Engelska med språkdidaktisk inriktning/English language education (Malmö University), is a specialist in technologically-mediated language teaching and learning and second language literacy. Originally from Montréal, Canada, she was raised and educated in the United States and has taught in Japan, the United States, and Sweden. She holds a bachelor’s degree in German, political science and history from Duke University and a master’s degree in TESOL from Iowa State University. Her university teaching experience includes courses in academic writing for US and international students at community colleges and universities in Iowa and Pennsylvania and courses in TESOL/Applied Linguistics for future English teachers in both Sweden (at Malmö University) and the United States (at the University of Texas at San Antonio). She has supervised or examined doctoral research on the use of technology or telecollaboration/virtual exchange for learning languages and intercultural competence or fan practices among second language users in the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.

Sauro’s areas of research include the intersection of online fan practices and language learning and teaching, and the role of virtual exchange/telecollaboration in language teacher education. She has published widely in these areas, with articles in journals such as Applied Linguistics, Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, ELT Journal, Foreign Language Annals, Language Learning & Technology, and ReCALL, among others. She is editor of the books CALL for Mobility (with Joanna Pitura) and The Handbook of Technology and Second Language Teaching and Learning (with Carol A. Chapelle), and the special issue of Language Learning & Technology (with Katerina Zourou) on CALL in the Digital Wilds. She is an associate editor for Language Learning & Technology and sits on the editorial boards of two other flagship journals in the field of applied linguistics: CALICO Journal and TESOL Quarterly. As an international researcher, she is currently active on the European-funded project Virtual Innovation and Support Networks for Teachers (VALIANT) and a past member of two other recently completed projects: Fanfiction for the Teaching and Application of Languages through E-Stories (FanTALES) and Evidence-Based Online Learning through Virtual Exchange (EVOLVE). Sauro is a past president of the Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO) and is communications officer for UNICollaboration, an international organization for virtual exchange.

More information related to her teaching and research is available on her website. She can also be found on Twitter: @shansauro




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